„I personally attach value, both to individual support and to a respectful attitude to children and their parents.“                    


Office hours

current wirking hours.
Mo 8 am – 1 pm available on call 8 am-3 pm
Tu 12 am – 5 pm and available by phone call
We 9 am – 2 pm available on call 9 am to 4pm

9 am-12:30 pm infant day; after 1 pm older and sick kids.

Th Closed
Fr 8.30 am – 1 pm available on call 8.30 am-3 pm

Even in case

of epidemic infection, take note, in all cases you want to visit our clinic, an appointment booking is mandatory!

You can contact us by mail or phone.

  • Wednesday is infant-day
  • Wednesday: older and ill children only after 1 pm
  • All appointments are available only by mutual agreement
  • Even in the case of acute diseases appointment is mandatory, we ask you to contact us by mail or phone call
  • Cancellation of an appointment is available per mail/phone/fax
Online appointment

 For appointment and general inquiery use the online function!

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Please let substitute doctors know, that you are taking your child as a stand-in case.



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Slovac, Czech, Bosniak, Serb, Croat