The medical treatments in our practice are invoiced via the insurance card of the Social insurance institutions – the so-called “e-card”. A valid “e-card” guarantees your child’s full insurance coverage.

Bringing your e-card is of utmost importance during any of the child’s visits if I’d be concerning all administrative issues and consultancies like vaccination consultancy, issuing referrals, providing information on medical pictures etc.  – prescription of medication being part of it.

In case you forget to bring your e-card we would ask you for a deposit of 50€, which you’d be reimbursed immediately after bringing your e-card later on. The e-card has to be brought in within 2 weeks at the latest.

Newborn babies without e-card

In case of newborn babies without e-card when first visiting at the doctor’s, we kindly ask parents for a 80 deposit or to bring a “Ersatzbelegschein des Sozialversicherträgers” (substitute document of the Social insurance institution”). The e-card must be turned in within 2 weeks after the visit or at the end of the quarter, or by the fifth day of the following quarter at the latest. It is not sufficient to provide the social security number without presenting the e-card. You will be immediately reimbursed the deposit by presenting your valid “e-card”.

International insurance card

EU Patients have to present their European Social Security Card an an idtentity card. The confirmation of the insurance for the child is not enough. Else medical treatments would have to be invoiced on a private base.